Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home Buying Highs

So this finding a home to buy has been an interesting experience. I found one place and even put an offer in. The entire process was so unbelievably emotional I cried for two days and had no sleep. I never imagined that my emotions would go so nutty. It wasn't like I was attached to the place...I was just really SCARED! Buying a home is a HUGE commitment and honestly I never thought I would be doing this on my own.

After putting in the offer I waited, and finally found out today that the seller accepted another buyer. This flood of relief filled my entire being. Not because I didn't want the place, but because I found another place that I liked better and was such a better situation for me and my life style.

The economy being what it is, I found a foreclosure owned by Freddie Mac. A two bedroom condo that was surprisingly in good condition. When I looked this morning the placed desperately needed paint and new carpet. OK...fine...I can do that. Not even four hours later I am out running errands and I decide to drive buy the condo. There's a guy doing work inside so I go in...the place has been painted, new carpet layed, and new hardwood floors going in the living and dining room. The universe just gave me a tremendous gift...for that I am eternally grateful...I've been a very good girl!

My realtor spoke with the listing agent and no one else has expressed interest...the price is about $30,000 less than the comps for the area...again...thank you UNIVERSE!!! On top of everything, my payment is about $200 less than my current rent! So with NO FEAR I've put in an offer...this time there's no emotion...ok some excitement...but no gut tells me this is the right thing to do and that this place is so mine!

I'm still on my own in this decision. I do wish I had someone to go look with me and give me opinions, but being by myself is my reality right now. Maybe this is how it is supposed to be.

So now is the waiting game, then the inspection. The place is sold "as is" since it's a foreclosure. So will be holding my breath for a couple days. The adventure continues.

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