Friday, June 26, 2009

OK...I'm In Barcelona

Arrived in Barcelona this afternoon. The trip here was pretty cool. It is so interesting how the universe works. Sitting right next to me on the plane is another teacher, exactly the same age as I am. She is from Maryland. She is on her way to Madrid to teach other teachers how to incorporate opera into their regular curriculum in order to provide an alternative way to teach. She talked about how she's had to struggle with her administration to be able to accomplish her goals and dreams...sounds kinda familiar. We exchanged emails.

The whole packing thing for going to Spain for a month was a bit of a disaster. I have a backpack that I thought I would use. So after packing the backpack I discovered that it was bigger than I am and there was no way I would be able to schelp that thing all over. I actually tipped over...not a pretty sight. So I changed to a duffle bag. A bit bulky, but at least I'm not knocked over from the overwhelming weight of my luggage....keep in mind I'm not really bringing very much stuff....I will be doing a lot of laundry on the road. All is good checking my luggage. When I arrive in Barcelona I discover that my bag has been randomly searched, the lock gone, and to top it all is really heavy as I walk to the train.

I get to the train and I find no ATM machine to withdrawl Euros. I go to the ticket window and to my suprise the dude says, "Sorry, so American money." There's a cute Austrailian guy in back of me who pays my fare. We are going to the same stop and chat the whole time. He could be my son I think, but is very cute, and thank God he had the $2.00 to pay my train fare. After getting off the train we part ways saying the, "Maybe we'll see each other," knowing we won't. I walk the 2 miles with the REALLY heavy backpack to my hostel. I'm soaking wet with sweat by this time. I realize that I MUST buy some sort of rolling bag tomorrow!

I meet Adrian the guy who checks me in at the hostel. He is very nice and VERY young...only 20 years old. I begin to think nasty thoughts...Must back God...he can be my son. This is totally my hormones and the drinks I had early talking. He says, "Gracie, I love you." How would it be to kiss this very young person? OK...enough of is entirely too early in the game to be going there.

I think about HIM...the broken heart guy. I guess I should stop calling him that. I saw him last night (or was it night before sure with the time changes). He's holding my house key for me "just in case". We haven't seen each other since January, and talked for about an hour or so. It was nice to see him. It felt good to talk with him. As I've said before he always gets me and just as accepts me for who I am. I wonder if he thought it was nice to see me or if he was just feeling guilty or thought, "here let me throw this girl a bone and hold her house key." I really hope he thought it was nice to see me as well. It seemed to close a door for me, which is good. Not that we won't ever go anywhere again...just closed a door on the ugliness and the hurt. I think that was needed before I proceeded with this adventure.

I have 5 roommates at my hostel. Three from Solvania and two from Poland. I'm the last to check in and the bed Adrian gives me belongs to Inas from Solvania. She moves my stuff to another bed. OK that's cool. Then Olga (not her name, but a very large woman from Poland) tells me that the bed Inas moved my things to belongs to her. The LAST bed is the top guess who gets it? You got it ME! I feel like I'm at sleep away summer camp.....

So here I am, my first night in a hostel. A little drunk, but pretty pshyched that I had a good day and met some reallly neato people. I'm not really sure what this whole adventure has in store for me, but I guess I'm going to find out! Like I've said befoe the universse is a very cool palce to be and will only lead me to places that I must experience.

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