Sunday, November 21, 2010


Time has just flown by.  It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  The first quarter of school is a blur, and my European trip is a distant but happy memory.

I cannot remember the last time I've been able to just breathe and enjoy the way my life is unfolding.  Who am I kidding?  This has never happened, and I don't take this time for granted.

The dues I've paid in teaching for the last five years have paid off and I am in a school where it is truly all about the students.  Teachers and administrators actually respect each other.  They speak kindly to each other.  The only focus is making children successful...I love going to work each morning and thank my lucky stars that I am fortunate enough to be a part of such a community.

Of course I am working harder than I ever have before, of course like most teachers starting the second quarter I am overwhelmed by assessments, the gigantic amount of curriculum that must be taught, and creating interventions for students who are at risk.  All this doesn't matter because I've finally landed at a school where I fit.

Fitting in at a school is a teacher's dream come true.  Do you hear my sigh of relief?  Can you feel my smile?

Five years of dues...Five years of lessons of focusing on OTHERS and not MYSELF...I'm doing it, and am happier at school...go figure.

Thanksgiving is very special time.  I take the THANKS part very seriously.  Contrary to what a some readers of this blog may think, I really do look beyond myself.  I really do learn from mistakes and try to give a bit of ME to others. 

Over the last year I've taken a personal journey in sharing myself with another.  Finding comfort in this has not always been a smooth ride, but the end result of those inevitable bumps in the road is truly the most joyful thing a human can experience.  I'm talking about LOVE...real LOVE that magically keeps coming when I keep my focus on the other person.

Some may think this is easy.  Not for me, folks.  This has been my lesson over the last year and something I keep top of mind each day.  Yes, my friends, life isn't always just about ME.

Breathe, Gracie.  Patience, Gracie...that life that you thought would never be a reality is right there in front of you...real LOVE...real SHARING...FAMILY...those words CAN be part of your vocabulary...just let it GROW like the African Violets blooming around the house.  Ask what HE needs...and just GIVE.

Is it really that simple?  Maybe it is...